Youth Ministry Associate

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AHUMC is accepting applications for a part-time staff position for
Youth Ministry Associate.  


The complete job description is below.


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TITLE:  AHUMC Youth Ministry Associate


REPORTS TO:  Director of AHUMC Youth Ministry


RESPONSIVE TO:  Director of AHUMC Youth, Pastors


DATE:   Spring 2022


PART-TIME:  20 hours/week




Alamo Heights UMC is seeking a highly energetic and outgoing individual to assist the AHUMC youth director in creating a meaningful, inclusive, and supportive environment where youth from all backgrounds have an opportunity to grow in their relationship with themselves, each other, and Christ. 


While the position will assist the youth director with day-to-day activities, the core job functions include:


Identifying, organizing, and fostering opportunities for the AHUMC youth to serve the wider community;

Building meaningful, safe, and supportive relationships with youth; 

 Cultivating an uplifting, compassionate, and respectful digital community where every youth has the opportunity to flourish.


This position is part-time and requires availability on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and evenings when scheduled events or retreats.




  • Be a faithful representative of AHUMC by living out the core beliefs, values, and practices of the Christian faith as exhibited in the Holy Scripture, the life of Jesus, and the theology and Discipline of the United Methodist Church.
  • Identify, organize, and promote meaningful community-building activities for youth, friends, and families. 
  • Support the creation of opportunities for youth to develop and grow as leaders, mentors, and engaged members of both the church body and the broader community.  
  • Organize, facilitate, and evaluate impactful service projects with the Missions and Outreach Pastor.
  • In partnership with the AHUMC digital media specialist and Youth Director, work to cultivate an inclusive and supportive online community where every member who engages feels valued, heard, and respected.
  • Participate in and lead Sunday School classes, Youth Group gatherings, and Confirmation classes as needed
  • Foster relationships with youth as a trusted, supportive, and non-judgmental mentor and a co-journeyer on their faith walk. Includes meeting with youth as needed and communicating with them via phone, text, email, or social media.
  • Collaborate with other members of the AHUMC staff in an effort to create opportunities for youth to genuinely and meaningfully engage with and learn from the diverse body of the church and its members.
  • Complete all Safe Gatherings child safety training yearly.
  • Engage in personal, professional, and spiritual growth by taking advantage of learning opportunities from youth ministry conferences, classes, and readings, gathering with other youth leaders).
  • Other duties as assigned.





  • Have Completed at least  some college coursework and/ or have at least three years of experience working with youth
  • Be adept and comfortable with digital tools and social media
  • Demonstrate a commitment to teamwork, thoughtful reflection, effective communication and an ability to model safe, positive, caring, and supportive relationship building. 
  • Invested in the emotional and spiritual growth of youth
  • Have some experience leading events


This position requires a fair amount activity, which may include lifting, running, or other sorts of movement involved with youth events and retreats.