What is the AHUMC Foundation?

The AHUMC Foundation is a chartered corporation whose purpose is to encourage, establish and manage endowments, trusts, bequests, and gifts to assist the purpose of the church to welcome all people, build community, share God's love, and serve the world. The Foundation does this through an endowment that is invested to further the church's ministries while minimizing tax burdens. The donor, often in consultation with the Directors, decides how he or she wishes to designate a legacy for the future and provide a permanent resource to witness for Christ.

Does the Foundation Need My Gift?

The Foundation needs gifts of all sizes. Although many people have been generous in the past, it takes a great deal of support to assure that the mission of our church will continue in the future. Please contact us to find out ways you can help!

How Does the Foundation Operate?

The AHUMC Foundation has a Board of Directors, which is composed of AHUMC members elected by members of the church, along with the Senior Pastor. These Directors have the responsibility to carry out your wishes according to the Articles of incorporation of the foundation. 

Is Money the Only Thing I Can Give? 

In addition to gifts of money, you can donate stocks, bonds or other securities. Real estate can be donated, along with other valuable 
items. Your will can designate all or a portion of your estate. The Foundation can be named as a beneficiary of your insurance policy. 
It may be possible to set up a trust or annuity, which may offer you tax benefits and income now, and benefit the church in the future. 
The Directors will be glad to discuss these and other options with you. 

Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Foundation | Tax ID #74-1917834 | Offices: 825 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, Texas, 78209