Welcome Jeff Guillory

Please join us in welcoming Jeff Guillory, our new Finance Associate Director!


About Jeff:


Jeff began his time at AHUMC with extensive technology experience. He's worked in almost every role related to software development and has worked for large companies, startups, and even had a stint at Google as an engineer. After earning his MBA in 2018, Jeff has been working in various types of entrepreneurial activity, which is an area that's a passion of his.


His ability for finance has grown through recent work, but his interest in that field has been there since an early age. Books about investing or financial statements could often be found by his side throughout middle and high school. The opportunities at AHUMC to apply his technical and business ability around financial problems inspire him, and he's excited to innovate and work alongside the team.


Together with his beautiful wife, Jamie, he is raising their family of three kids: Solomon, Elsa, and Esther, plus one fluffy cat, Echo. He's more than excited to have the role of Husband and Father on his resume.


Send Jeff a warm and welcoming message by contacting him here.