Student Ministry V2 Our Purpose


The Purpose of our Student Ministry is . . .

to REACH believing and non-believing students,

to CONNECT them with other Christians,

to help them GROW in their faith, and

to challenge the growing to DISCOVER their ministry,

and to HONOR GOD with their lives.

REACH (evangelism)

Students are asked to reach out to their friends and invite them into their LIFEgroups and Sunday School class as well as simply just reach out to them.

CONNECT (fellowship)

We all desire to connect with others; in order to grow into who God desires us to become, hanging out with a community of strong Christian friends is critical. Sunday morning provides an opportunity to get to know other Christian students and develop friendships while growing in your knowledge of being a Christian.

GROW (discipleship)

LIFEgroups are an essential part of a students' personal growth. In LIFEgroups, students meet weekly with their leader(s), live life, discuss, and learn from the bible how to best handle life's challenges.

DISCOVER (ministry)

We all have a budding ministry to the world (i.e., helping in the Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings, raising money for an orphanage in Haiti, being on our Drama Ministry Team, etc.). Learn how you are uniquely gifted and how you can use those gifts to help others and honor God with your life; request a meeting with a leader today.

HONOR GOD (worship)

Worship is more than just singing ... it's honoring God with all that we do with our lives. We challenge you to live a life that's honoring to Him through your words, actions and thoughts.