Student Ministry V2 Sr High

The Gathering (Sunday mornings @ 9:30)


High school can be a confusing yet exciting time in a student's life. High school is a very easy place to let Jesus slowly move away from your priorities. AHUMC Sr. High is here to steer students toward the loving and forgiving power of Christ. Encouraging them to look for that street light in the dark alley where hope seems to fade.

Striving to be a place where students can be themselves and live in community with one another, "The Gathering" is our Sr. High meeting time that meets at 9:30 a.m. in W213. Acoustically driven worship, relative biblical teaching, and attention grabbing media engages the students and challenges them to live their faith radically in their neighborhoods, schools, and social circles.


This is our weekly ministry to students. LIFEgroups* focus on small group discipleship and accountability. Want more information? Click here to find out more about your LIFEgroup: Sr. High LIFEgroups*