Children Ministry Nursery


3 months through 23 months

What you can expect from us:

Our purpose on Sunday mornings for nursery age children is to provide a safe and loving environment for you and your child. We believe your child is a gift from God - so we provide the best care possible. We also believe that it is never too early to teach a child about God's love. We believe that we represent Christ to each little one in our care, and want to lay a foundation for your child not only to trust us, but also to trust in God.


On Sunday mornings, our nursery department is made of 4 divisions:

> Infants (3 months to crawling)
> Crawlers (Crawling to walking well)
> Toddlers (younger walkers)
> Cruisers (older walkers)


For the Nursery rooms, located in the east wing of the church, we have implemented a computer check in system for your child's safety.

**Check-In is currently under construction. In the meantime, please sign your child in in their assigned classroom. Thanks for your patience while we work to implement an improved system to keep your children as safe as possible!**


Parents are always welcome and encouraged to volunteer in the Nursery rooms or at the Infant Registration Table. Your child's classroom:

Infants (Room 103)
This room is designed for children age 3 months until they are crawling. Adults care for all babies in this room. When your child is crawling, talk to the childcare workers or the Children's Ministries staff about moving him/her up to the next room.


Crawlers (Room 104)
This room is designed for children who are crawling until they begin to walk. When your child is walking well, talk to the childcare workers or the
Children's Ministries staff about moving him/her to the next room.


Toddlers (Room 101)
This room is designed for children who are just learning to walk and are between the ages of 12 and 24 months as of September 1. They will not promote to the 2s until Promotion Sunday.


Cruisers (Room 102)
This room is designed for children between 12 and 24 months as of September 1st. They will not promote to the 2s until Promotion Sunday.

What's Expected of You
 When packing a diaper bag for your child, please include the following items:
> Two or three disposable diapers.
> Pacifier or other item, should your child need it for security.
> A change of clothes in case your child would require that.
> A bottle of milk, formula, juice or water. (This is a good practice even for moms who nurse.)
> Label bottles and pacifiers
> Do not leave personal belongings in the diaper bag. (Keys, wallet, etc. Only baby's essentials).
> Check your child into the system. Please include your cell phone number(s) and keep phones on vibrate where you can feel them.
Feel free to check on your child at any time he/she is in our care.


Snacks are provided for the children once they graduate to the Toddler Classroom. The food items consist of water, cheerios, animal crackers or goldfish for our Toddlers and Cruisers. If your child has allergies or is not allowed snacks please inform the childcare workers.

Saying Good-Bye
After you have completed the check-in process, simply wave a quick goodbye and leave for Sunday school or Worship. As you know it is normal for little ones to cry but this does not last long, if crying lasts for 10 minutes, the workers are instructed to page the child's parent.


Nursing Mother's Room
There are separate crib rooms available for privacy in both the infant (103) and crawler (104) rooms.


Health Policies
In order to insure that we have a well-baby Nursery, we cannot accept a child with a runny nose, fresh cold (4 days or less), fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea or any other signs of illness. Please do not place your child in the Nursery while they are at risk of exposing other children. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our Nursery a healthy place for all.


Security Policy in Preschool Education
As of June 2001 a procedure to protect our children, youth, employees, volunteers, and the church body was adopted by Alamo Heights United Methodist and the Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Those who choose to serve with children or youth at AHUMC are asked to attend a training session on abuse in the workplace and in volunteer non profit ministries. Volunteers are also asked to fill out consent for a criminal background check before they are allowed to work with children or youth at AHUMC.


Contact Dana Hawkes at or 826-3215 ext. 133
 or Gina Beal at or 826-3215 ext. 118